What are deadstock textiles?

Learn all about our commitment to sustainability and deadstock here

Where are you based:

Originally from Vancouver, Canada since 2011 and California since 2022. 

Where is my order shipping from?

We always ship from our own distribution centres in British Columbia and California. We do not dropship, we handle all our own packages and inventory. 

Where is NOCTEX manufactured?

Noctex is designed and made in Vancouver, BC and now also in the heart of the fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles. We believe in supporting our local economy in every step we can. 

Why are some items on Pre-Order?

Our popular items sell through fast! We open pre-orders once our team starts cutting and sewing a style so we can deliver to items to you as soon as we can, and avoid storing extra styles as a small business.

Are all NOCTEX items Limited Edition?

Over 90% of the materials we use in our apparel are deadstock finds, which means each cut is unique - especially the prints and patterns. We always find black and can restock similarly, but no two production runs can always be 100% the same. Thats the magic of deadstock!

I bought a style last year, and repurchased it and its not the exact same material

We use deadstock fabrics, as a part of our sustainable approach. We always look for the closest look, function and feel match.

Are other brands produced by NOCTEX?

All other brands aside from NXrenu are independently run brands that we carry alongside NOCTEX.

What are your returns policies?

Find our full policy list here