Our Story

In short: You’ve found a Canadian based + locally manufactured brand that primarily uses deadstock fabrics. In addition to our popular house brand founded in 2011, we bring hundreds of quality checked and curated products from locally made and international brands we love since 2020  
NOCTEX harmonizes between organic and man-made structure. Multi-wearable, androgynous and shape shifting layers are the backbone to creating subtle diversity, as each garment takes it's truest form when in motion with the wearer. Rooted in deadstock textiles and produced in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada, Noctex embodies the global citizen that values form, utility and ethical design.
In a world of dissolving resources, each material we encounter is valuable if we place value onto it. NOCTEX is a merger of 'Nocturnal Textiles', awakening past resources into new and functional designs.  With over 90% use of deadstock textiles, we aim to connect individuals with socially and environmentally responsible designs. 

With collections revolving around themes of growth and change, every decision made from design to production is striving for more innovative usage of resources. With the constant consumer education on the global fashion market and its effects, we as a brand and a member of the slow fashion community continue to grow and find innovative ways to improve the overall garment experience. 

- N. Izad
In 2020 NOCTEX became a multi-brand platform, with a unique 'Made in USA/Canada' filter option in collections. We curate all products in-house, assuring quality that upholds the NOCTEX customer standard 
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Before entering her bachelors for Fashion Design and Technology, Negin worked in a large used garment warehouse as a vintage picker at the age of 17. Truck loads of clothes were unloaded in the warehouse every day, with more fast-fashion garments with tags attached. Exposed to the immediate waste of the fashion industry, Negin found her purpose in garment design in those industrial warehouses. NOCTEX was created in 2011 as an independent initiative to produce garments with transparent practices and to create without the imposition of the fast-paced modern fashion industry. NOCTEX released its first seasonal collection in Fall 2013, revolving around the idea that only 3 garments can be worn together or apart in 15 different ways.
Years later, NOCTEX still works under the same umbrella of values; simplicity, functionality, utility and ethical manufacturing.  
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A B O U T   N O C T E X P R O D U C T I O N

We believe in company transparency, especially when it comes to how the products are made. All apparel is made in Vancouver, BC, with a mix of handmade by the designer and small production run pieces. The majority of the fabrics used are deadstock fabrics, each hand picked as extra bolts, instead of being ordered new from mills. Majority fabrics are made in American mills. This reduces the need for using extra resources to have fabrics sent from overseas. Some limited edition pieces cannot be remade because they are made from small bolts of found fabricMajority of fabric used is all cellulose/plant pulp based fabrics such as rayon, tencel, or basic cotton. Small amounts of blends such as spandex, polyester or non-plant based blends are used to keep shape and long-term wear in designs. Excess fabric from handmade items are re-used for smaller projects by the designer, limiting as much fabric waste as possible. The maximum use of packaging is kept within boundaries of minimal and recyclable paper. NOCTEX is striving to be one step closer to sustainability with each season.
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NOCTEX is a strong advocate for entrepreneurs and small businesses changing their communities. We re-lend to KIVA to help people all around the world create change through their skills