What are deadstock textiles? – NOCTEX

What are deadstock textiles?

What is deadstock? Instead of ordering new from catalogue/overseas, we use over 90% deadstock in our textile selection from the USA. These textiles are materials that are no longer useful for other factories and companies. These rolls can be sold off due to various reasons:


  • The textiles are no longer useful for the company's designs

  • The company/factory had overstock of materials¬†

  • Fabric rolls that had slight damages that weren't worthwhile for a larger company to 'cut around'

  • Custom textiles that were ordered from overseas didn't meet color matching requirements for a company

  • The color/textile is no longer 'in season' for the company and not worthwhile to keep in stock

All of these rolls and more and sold off and stacked in large warehouses in the USA. We make a trip twice a year and go through hundreds of materials to bring home the best variety for the NOCTEX customer. We test all our orphan rolls of materials individually to ensure quality. This extremely meticulous form of treasure-hunting for materials is what allows each collection to vary based on our findings.

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