Limit Washing Machine Use 

The excess use of washing machines and as well as heat from the dryer is harmful to the long-term life of all garments, as well as the environment. We encourage you to spot treat smaller stains to lessen the need for automated machines, and care for your clothes in the most environmentally-friendly way possible!

The best way to extend the life of all clothing is to hand wash garments in warm water and lay flat to dry; however, handwashing especially may not be accessible to everyone! Another option is to wash clothes on a delicates setting, ideally in a garment laundry bag (which can be purchased from us here!), to lessen friction during washing and lower the chances of tears, loose threads, and fabric thinning.

Lay garments flat to dry, or hang garments over/through clothing hangers to avoid stretching and awkward pointy shoulders on your tops


Washing with Like Colors

Some garments, such as cold dye, may bleed colour onto lighter garments during wear and wash. To avoid any colour or dye transfer, we always suggest to wash your new garments with like colours prior to wearing.

Garments with Raw Hems

Garments with raw hems will naturally distress; this is intentional and will not affect the life of your garment if proper care is taken. Loose threads can be carefully cut off close to the hem to avoid unravelling. If you'd prefer to keep any raw hems as clean-cut as possible, hand-washing or machine washing with a garment laundry bag, then hanging to dry is necessary


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