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"What I often miss is what I never had - the feeling of being in countries I may never inhabit,
never seeing exotic plants that grow wildly in their natural habitat.
I can never see through another's eyes and I cannot feel through another's skin.
All I can do is try to experience as much through this one shell." 

FW15 fashion worn by a woman


"The Sound of a Thousand Stones Waiting.
The calm before the storm, the feeling of always staying in one spot. Still, untroubled, untouched." 

SS15 worn by a man and woman in fashion


"Change is the only constant, the only certainty. Permeance is the inverse of reluctance" 

FW14 worn by a man and woman in fashion


"To still feel what is no longer there" 

SS14 worn by woman in fashion


CAPSULE FW14 worn by a woman in fashion