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  • Vegan LUNG Bag
  • Vegan LUNG Bag
  • Vegan LUNG Bag
  • Vegan LUNG Bag
  • Vegan LUNG Bag
  • Vegan LUNG Bag
  • Vegan LUNG Bag

Vegan LUNG Bag

$295.00 USD


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NEW Vegan Leather with Pinatex - the pineapple based leather. Made to Order - allow 2-3 weeks for shipment as these are all handmade in our studio.

The LUNG bag harmonizes high functionality with sleek design for both travellers and daily wearers, made to last. This bag can be worn in multiple ways with adjustment of the handmade reinforced, stretch-proof leather straps to fit the comfort and aesthetic of the wearer. 


  • Wear it as a messenger bag with comfort while commuting. 
  • The bag is shaped to curve around the wearer's body, distributing weight while resting between the natural curve of the body. This allows you to swing the bag forward for immediate access. 
  • The special 2.7 oz matted leather makes for a lightweight yet sturdy bag.
  • Stretch-proof straps
  • The LUNG has a 18” opening 10” depth, not including the darts that gives this piece great volume


Materials: Pinatex Pineapple leather with black hardware. Reinforced straps and two inner pockets, one zip closure and one open. Lined with poly-cotton twill. 

Made in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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